Special Interest Groups (SIG) JGSPBCI Library Books

December 8, 2012

Note: The following JGSPBCI Library book list was prepared to furnish those attendees of our SIG Meetings with information that may be needed as back-up to your investigations.

The list identifies the book reference numbers associated with each book title. Should you need the name of the author(s), they can be found in the list of books above, by looking up the Book Reference Number.

Book Title

Book Reference Number

Austrian-Hungarian Empire


Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary

201.1 MEN

Finding Your Roots in Galicia 002.1 WYN
Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova (East Galicia) 002.8.1WEI
Jewish Roots in Poland (West Galicia) 002.8.2 WEI
Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from Galicia 201.1.3 BEI



Guide: German Ancestors from East Germany

002.3.1 NUT

German Immigrants-List, Passengers Bremen

002.3.1 ZIM &002.3.2 ZIM

Dictionary of German-Jewish Surnames

201.1 MEN

Greater Lithuania and Latvia


Lithuanian Telephone Book-1938

302.1 RAB

Jews of Kopcheve, Lithuania

305.1 LEI

City of Life, City of Death-Memories of Riga (Latvia)

400.1 MIC

Surviving the Holocaust-The Kovno Ghetto Diary (Lithuania)

400.1 TOR

There Once Was a World-900 Year Chronicle of Eishyshok (Lithuania)

700.1 ELI

The Jews of Lithuania (1316 to 1945)

700.1 GRE

Lithuanian Jewish Culture

700.1 KAT

Lithuania-Last Days of the Jerusalem of Lithuania -Vilna Ghetto

700.1 KRU

Preserving the Litvak Heritage Jerusalem of Lithuania

700.1 ROS

History of Latvian Jews

700.1 STE

Photos from Zagare, Lithuania

700.1 TAN

Greater Poland


Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Latvia and Estonia

001.3 BEA

Polish and Proud-Tracing Your Polish Ancestry

001.3 GNA

Shtetl Atlas of Poland

001.2.11 ROM

Jewish Roots in Poland

002.8.2 WEI

Jewish Bialystok and Surrounding Eastern Poland

002.1 WIS

Finding Your Roots in Galicia

002.1 WYN

Genealogy Research in Eastern Europe and Israel

002.1 WEI

Hamburg Passengers-Kingdom of Poland and Russian Empire

002.5 MOS

Polish Jewish Cemeteries

006.1 RES

Elyahu's Branches-Descendants of Vilna Gaon and Family

007.1 FRE

Gaon of Vilna and His Cousinhood

007.1.2 ROS

Dictionary of Ashkenazic Names

201,1.1 BEI

Memories of Ozarow (Poland)

400.1 ADL

I Am Drenched in Dew of My Childhood (Slawatycze, Poland)

400.1 GIT

Konin (Poland)-A Quest

400.1 RIC

Zamosc (Poland) Memorial Book

502.1.2 BER

From the Ashes of Sobibor (Poland)

502.1 BLA

Luboml (Poland) - The Memorial Book of a Vanished Shtetl

502.1 KAG

From a Ruined Garden (Poland)

502.1 KUG

Krakow (Poland) Census and Homeowners

600.1 SIL

The Jews in Poland

700.1 KAP

Jewish Officers in the Polish Armed Forces 1939 to 1945

700.1 MEI

Together and Apart in Brzezany (Galicia)

700.1 RED

Polish Jews-A Pictorial Record

700.1 VIS

The Ashkenazic Jews

700.1 WEX



In Search of European Roots: Complete Guide

002.4 BAX

Jewish Surnames in Amsterdam

201.1 VAN

Jewish Surnames in Prague-15th to 16th Century

201.1.4 BEI

A Multi-Language Translation Guide

203.1.1 SHE

WOWW Companion-A Guide to Eastern European Towns

305.1 MOK

The Shtetl-A Creative Anthology of Jewish Life in Eastern Europe

305.1 NEU

Lost, But Not Forgotten-Shtetls of Eastern Europe

305.1 SUC

The Destruction of European Jews

400.1 HIL



Dictionary of Surnames from the Russian Empire V. 1

201.2 BEI, V. 1

Dictionary of Surnames from the Russian Empire V. 2

201.2 BEI, V. 2

A Russian Translation Guide

203.1.2 SHE

Century of Ambivalence-The Jews of Russia/Soviet Union

302.1 GIT



Sephardic Genealogy-Discovering Your Ancestors

001.1 MAL

Sephardi and Middle East Jewries

001.4 GOL

Grandees-America's Sephardic Elite

007.1 BIR

Dictionary of Sephardic Surnames

201.1 FAI

The Sephardic Community of Amsterdam

302.1 DUB



Some Archival Sources for Ukrainian Jewish Genealogy

002.1 KRO

Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova

002.8.1 WEI

Krakow Moldova Jewish Cemeteries

006.1 SIL

Genya (Ukraine)

400.1 FIN