Book Title Author Date Book No.
Genealogy, General Information      
World of Our Fathers Howe, Irving 1976 001.1 HOW
Discovering Your Jewish Ancestors Krasner-Khait, Barbara 2001 001.1 KRA
My Generations: A Course in Jewish Family History Kurzweil, Arthur 1983 001.1 KUR
Avotaynu Guide to Jewish Genealogy Mokotoff, G. & Sack, S.-Editors 2004 001.1 MOK
Genealogy Workbook-Beginners and Intermediates Nusinov, Sylvia-Editor 2010 001.1 NUS
Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy Mokotoff, G. & Blatt, W. 1999 001.2 MOK 
Finding Our Fathers-A Guide to Jewish Genealogy Rottenberg, Dan 1977 001.2 ROT
In Search of Your German Roots Baxter, Angus 2001 001.3 BAX
Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Latvia and Estonia Beare, Arlene 2001 001.3 BEA
Polish and Proud-Tracing Your Polish Anscestry Gnacinski,Jan & Leonard 1979 001.3 GNA
Researchers Guide to American Genealogy Greenwood, Val D. 1983 001.3 GRE
Producing a Quality Family History Hatcher, Patricia Law 1996 001.3 HAT
Your Family History: Handbook of Research and Writing Kyvig,David & Marty, Myron 1978 001.3 KYV
Cite Your Sources, A Manual for Documenting Records Lackey, Richard S. 1980 001.3 LAC
How to Climb Your Family Tree-Genealogy for Beginners Stryker-Rodda, Harriet 1983 001.3 ROD          
Oral History Primer Shumway,G. & Hartley, W. 1975 001.3 SHU
The Source-A Guidebook to American Genealogy  Szucs, L. & Leubking, S.-Editors 2006 001.3 SZU 
An Ounce of Preservation-Guide to Care of Papers Tuttle, Craig A. 1995 001.3 TUT
Beginner's Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Great Britain Wenzerul, Rosemary-Editor 2000 001.3.1 WEN
Guide to Organizing Your Family History Records Wenzerul, Rosemary-Editor 2004 001.3.2 WEN          
Finding Your Roots  Westin,Jeanne E. 1982 001.3 WES
Sephardi and Middle East Jeweries Goldberg, Harvey E.-Editor 1996 001.4 GOL
Sephardic Genealogy-Discovering Your Ancestors Malka, Jeffrey S. 2002 001.4 MAL
Guide to Family History Library Warren, Paula S. & James W.  2001 001.4 WAR
From Generation to Generation-How to Trace Your Genealogy and Family History Kurzweil, Arthur 1982 001.5 KUR
Documents of Our Ancestors-Genealogical Forms Meshenberg, Michael J. 1996 001.6 MES
Family Reunion Crichton, Jennifer 1998 001.7 CRI
They Became Americans-Finding Naturalization Records and Ethnic Origins Szucs, Loretto D. 1998 001.7 SZU  
Shtetl Finder Cohen, Chester D. 1980 002.1 COH
Redbook-American State, City and Town Sources Eichholz,Alice Ph. D 2004 002.1 EIC
Scattered Seeds Freedman, Morris M. 1998 002.1 FRE
Some Archival Sources for Ukranian-Jewish Genealogy Kronick,A. & Sack, S. 1997 002.1 KRO
Documents of Our Ancestors Meshenburg, Michael J. 1996 002.1 MES
Printed Sources-A Guide to Published Genealogical Records Meyerlink, Kory L. 1998 002.1 MEY
Guide to the YIVO Archives Moher, Fruma & Web, Marek 1998 002.1 MOH
Where Once We Walked Mokotoff, G. & Sack, S. 2002 002.1.1 MOK
Jewish Family Finder Mokotoff, Gary 1996 002.1.2 MOK
Kings County New York Administration Proceedings 1817-1856 Moorhouse, B. & Silinonte 2006 002.1 MOO          
The Everything Family Tree Book Powell, Kimberly 2006 002.1 POW
Shtetl Atlas of Poland Romers, E. 1980 002.1.1 ROM 
Unlocking Your Genetic History Shawker, Thomas H. 2004 002.1 SHA
First American Jewish Families 1854-1988 Stern, Malcolm H. 1991 002.1 STE
Guide to the Sources for History of Jews in Poland Teller, Volivie & Assouline 1988 002.1 TEL
Virginia Genealogy-A Guide to Resources U. of Virginia 1884 002.1 UOV
Jewish Bialystok and Surrounding Eastern Poland Wisniewski, Tomasz 1998 002.1 WIS           
Finding Your Jewish Roots in Galicia Wynne, Susan F. 1998 002.1 WYN
Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary Auslander, Jordan 2005 002.2 AUS
Genealogist's Address Book, 4th Edition Bentley, Elizabeth, P. 1998 002.2 BEN
Resources for Jewish Genealogy in the Boston Area Blatt, Warren 1996 002.2 BLA
Genealogy Research in Eastern Europe and Israel Weiner, Miriam 1987 002.2 WEI
Genealogical Resources in New York Guzik, Estelle M. 2003 002.2.1 GUZ
Genealogical Resources in the New York Metropolitan Area Guzik, Estelle M. 1989 002.2.2 GUZ 
Genealogical and Local History Books in Print, Volume 1 Schreiner-Yantis, Netti 1985 002.2.3 SCH, V. 1
Genealogical and Local History Books in Print, Volume 2 Schreiner-Yantis, Netti 1985 002.2.3 SCH, V. 2
Guide: German Ancestors from East Germany Arbeitsgemeinshaft…Editor 1984 002.3.1 NUT      
German Immigrants-Lists Passenger Breman in New York 1847-1854 Zimmerman, G. & Wolfert, M. 1985 002.3.1 ZIM
German Immigrants-Lists Passenger Breman in New York 1855-1862 Zimmerman, G. & Wolfert, M. 1985 002.3.2 ZIM     
In Search of Your European Roots: Complete Guide Baxter, Angus 1985 002.4 BAX
Guide to the YIVO Archives Moher, Fruma & Web, Marek 1998 002.4 MOH
Guide to Genealogical Research in the National Archives National Archives Trust 1983 002.4 NAT           
Genealogical and Biographical Research Catalog National Archives Trust 1983 002.4.1 NAT        
Guide to Genenalogical Resources in Israel Sack, Sallyann 1995 002.4.1 SAC
A Guide to YIVO's Landsmanschaftn Archive Schwartz, R. & Milamed, S. 1986 002.4.1 SCH
Guide to Naturalization Records of the United States Schaefer, Christina K. 1997 002.4.2 SCH
International Vital Records Handbook-3rd Edition Kemp, Thomas J. 1994 002.5 KEM
Hamburg Passengers-Kingdom of Poland and Russian Empire Moser, G. & Silverman, M. 1996 002.5 MOS
Immigrant and Passenger Arrivals-2nd Edition Nat'l Archives Trust Fund Bd. 1991 002.5 NAT
Passenger Arrivals-Port of Baltimore 1830-1834 Tepper, Michael H. -Editor 1982 002.5 TEP
Migration from the Russian Empire-Volume 1-January 1988 to May 1899 Balch Inst. of Philadelphia 1995 002.5.1 BAI      
Migration from the Russian Empire-Volume 2-January 1875 to September 1882 Balch Inst. of Philadelphia 1995 002.5.2 BAI       
Migration from the Russian Empire-Volume 3-May 1886 to December 1887 Balch Inst. of Philadelphia 1995 002.5.3 BAI     
Migration from the Russian Empire-Volume 4-October 1882 to April 1886 Balch Inst. of Philadelphia 1995 002.5.4 BAI       
Migration from the Russian Empire-Volume 5-June 1889 to 1890 Balch Inst. of Philadelphia 1995 002.5.5 BAI      
Migration from the Russian Empire-Volume 6-August 1890 to June 1891 Balch Inst. of Philadelphia 1995 002.5.6 BAI      
National Registry of Jewish Holocaust Survivors Amer. Gath. of J. Holocaust 1993 002.6 AGJ          
Library Resources for German-Jewish Genealogy Ellman-Kruger, Angelica 1998 002.6 ELL
Jewish Vital Records Revision Lists in Lithuania Archives Rhode, H. & Sack, S. 1996 002.6 RHO    
Names of Deported Jews from Hajdu County, Hungary Bar-Shaked,Dr. Gavriel-Ed. 1991 002.6 SHA
Handy Guide to Hungarian Genealogical Resources Suess, Jarad 1980 002.6 SUE
Polish Sources at Central Archive-History of JewisH People Volovice, M. & Assouline-Ed. 2004 002.6 VOL         
Latter Day Leaders, Sages and Scholars Rosenstein, Emanual & Neal 1983 002.7 ROS
Russian-Jewish Given Names Feldblyum,Boris 1998 002.7.1 FEL
Jewish Personal Names, Their Origin, Derivation and Diminutive Forms Gorr, Rabbi Schmuel 1992 002.7.2 GOR
Jewish Family Names and Their Origin Guggenhein, H. W. & Eva 1992 002.7.3 GUG
Foreign Versions of English Names U.S. Dept. of Justice 1973 002.7 4 DOJ
Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova Weiner, Miriam 1999 002.8.1 WEI *
Jewish Roots in Poland Weiner, Miriam 1997 002.8.2 WEI, C. 1
Jewish Roots in Poland Weiner, Miriam 1997 002.8.2 WEI, C. 2
Jewish Genealogy: A Source Book of Family Histories and Genealogies Zubatsky, D. & Berent, I. 1984 002.8.3 ZUB       
Morton Allen Directory of Steamship Arrivals Allan, Morton 1993 003.1 ALL
Ships of Our Ancestors Anuta, Michael J. 1983 003.1 ANU
They Came in Ships: Guide to Finding Arrival Records Coletta, John P., Ph. D. 2002 003.1 COL
Great Passenger Ships of the World, Volume I- 1858-1912 Kludas, Arnold 1986 003.1 KLU
Ocean Liners of The 20th Century Newell, Gordon 1963 003.1 NEW
Synagogues Without Jews Dorfman, Rifka & Ben-Zion 2000 004.1 DOR
Synagouges of New York City Israelowitz, Oscar 2000 004.1 ISR
Rabbis-The Many Faces of Judaism Kalinsky, George 2006 004.1 KAL          
The Synagogue Kaploun, Uri-Compiler 1973 004.1 KAP
Virginia Cemetaries, A Guide to Resouces Hogg, Anne & Tosh, Dennis 1986 006.1 HOG          
Polish Jewish Cemetaries Rosenstein, Neil  1990 006.1 ROS
Field Guide to Visiting a Jewish Cemetary Segal, Rabbi Josua L. 2006 006.1 SEG          
Krakow Miodowa Jewish Cemetery Silberfeld, Alfred M. No Date 006.1 SIL
Family Histories/Family Trees      
Ancestors of Our Children Abrams, Maynard 1984 007.1 ABR
Grandees-America's Sephardic Elite Birmingham, Stephen 1971 007.1 BIR
Tne Clein Family Clein,Michael A. 1989 007.1 CLE
Elyahu's Branches-Descendants of Vilna Goen and Family Freedman, Chaim 1997 007.1 FRE
Baltics to Boston: The Yoselovitch/Goldberg/Yozell Family Goldstein, Irene Saunders 1997 007.1 GOL
The Grussgott Family Grussgott, Sam 2006 007.1 GRU
How the Honey Flows-History of the Honigsberg Family Honigsberg, Max 2000 007.1 HON
Korn Legacy Korn, Jean Millicent 1992 007.1 KOR, V.1
Korn Legacy Korn, Jean Millicent 1992 007.1 KOR, V.2
Line Five Internal Passport, Jewish Family Odysseys Snyderman, E. & Witovsky, M. 1992 007.1 SNY
Our Family-An Album of Six Generations 1831-1988 Volume Two Zumoff, Nathan 1985 007.1 ZUM          
A Portion of the People-300 Years of Southern Jewish Life Rosengarten, Theo. & Dale 2002 007.1.1 ROS 
Gaon of Vilna and His Cousinhood Rosenstein, Neil 1997 007.1.2 ROS
Many Branches, Many Roots Silberfeld, Alfred M. 2000 007.1.1 SIL
Journeys Which Were Before Me Silberfeld, Alfred M. 1992 007.1.2 SIL         
                                                               * BOOK LOCATED IN CABINET (TOP DRAWER)      
Stumacher Family History Stone, Dr. Gary and Carolyn 2010 007.1 STO
Rothschild Saga-From King David Rosenstein, N. & Bernstein, B. 1989 007.1.3 ROS 
Unbroken Chain Rosenstein, Neil 1990 007.1.4 ROS, V. 1
Unbroken Chain Rosenstein, Neil 1990 007.1.4 ROS, V. 2
Using Computers      
Computer Genealogy-A Guide to Research Through High Tech Andereck, P. & Pence, R. 1985 100.1 AND
Digital Scanning and Photography Gookin,Dan 2000 100.1 GOO
Google Your Family Tree Lynch, Daniel M. 2008 100.1 LYN
The Internet for Genealogists-A Beginner's Guide Resnick, B. & Wilson, R. 1998 100.1 REN            
Publishing Your Family History on the Internet Wilson, Richard 1999 100.4 WIL
Dictionaries of Surnames/Language Translation Dictionaries      
Dictionary of Saphardic Surnames Faiguenboim, Valadaris etc. 2003 201.1 FAI           
Dictionary of German-Jewish Surnames Menk, Lars 2005 201.1 MEN
Biographical Dictionary of Canadian Jewry 1909-1914 Tapper, Lawrence F. 2002 201.1 TAP
Jewish Surnames in Amsterdam Van St ten., Berna & Snel 2001 201.1 VAN
Dictionary of Askenazic Names Beider, Alexander 2001 201.1.1 BEI
Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire Beider, Alexander 1993 201.1.2 BEI
Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire, V. 1 Revised Edition  Beider, Alexander 2008 201.1.2 BEI, V. 1 
Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire, V. 2 Listing of Surnames by D-M...  Beider, Alexander 2008 201.1.2 BEI, V. 2 
Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from Galicia Beider, Alexander 2004 201.1.3 BEI
Jewish Surnames in Prague-15th to 16th Century Beider, Alexander 1995 201.1.4 BEI   
Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Kingdom of Poland Beider, Alexander 1996 201.1.5 BEI
English-Hebrew, Hebrew-English Dictionary Ben-Yahuda, Ehud-Editor 1961 201.2 BEN          
Dictionary, German-English, English-German Langenscheidt Editorial Staff 1970 201.2 LAN          
Ukranian-English Dictionary Podvesko, M. L. 1954 201.2 POD          
Russian-English, English-Russian Romanov, A. S. & Wedd, E.  1964 201.2 ROM          
Cassell's Compact Latin Dictionary Simpson, D. P. M.A.-Compiler 1963 201.2 SIM           
Ukranian Grammer Stechishin, J. W. LL.D. 1951 201.2 STE           
French Compact Dictionary Urwin,Kenneth Ph.D. 1969 201.2 URW          
Encyclopedia of Jewish Genealogy, Volume I Kurzweil, A. & Weiner, M. 1991 202.1 KUR
Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust, A thru J, Volume 1 Spector, S. & Wigoder, G. 2001 202.1.1 SPE, V.1  
Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust, K thru Sared, Volume 2 Spector, S. & Wigoder, G. 2001 202.1.2 SPE, V.2
Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust, Seredina thru Z, Volume 3 Spector, S. & Wigoder, G. 2001 202.1.3 SPE, V.3 
Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, V. 1 Guttman, Israel-Ed. in Chief 1990 202.2.1 GUT, V. 1 
Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, V. 2 Guttman, Israel-Ed. in Chief 1990 202.2.2 GUT, V. 2 
Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, V. 3 Guttman, Israel-Ed. in Chief 1990 202.2.3 GUT, V. 3 
Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, V. 4 Guttman, Israel-Ed. in Chief 1990 202.2.4 GUT, V. 4 
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ellis Island Mereno, Barry 2004 202.3 MER
Translation Guides      
A Translation Guide to 19th Century Polish Language Civil Registration Documents-2nd Ed Franzin, Judith R. 1989 203.1.1 FRA
A Translation Guide to 19th Century Polish Language Civil Registration Documents-3rd Ed Franzin, Judith R. 2009 203.1.2 FRA
Following the Paper Trail-A Multi-Language Translation Guide Shea, J. D. & Hoffman, W. F. 1994 203.1.1 SHE
                                                  Shea, J. D. & Hoffman, W. F. 2002 203.1.2 SHE
In Their Words-Volume II: Russian Shea, J. D. & Hoffman, W. F. 2002 203.1.2 SHE
Atlas of World History Barraclough, Geoffrey-Editor 2003 204.1 BAR
Atlas of the Holocaust Giulbert, Martin 1988 204.1 GIL
Countries-US and Foreign      
Jewish Nation of the Carribbean Arbell, Mordechai 2002 302.1.1 ARB
The Portuguese Jews of Jamaica Arbell, Mordechai 2000 302.1.2 ARB
Facing the New World-Jewish Portraits in Colonial and Federal America Brilliant, Richard 1997 302.1 BRI
Documents on the History of Greek Jews Constantopoulou & Verimis 1999 302.1 CON
The Sephardi Community of Amsterdam-1593 Dubiez, F. J. No Date 302.1 DUB
Jews of Yugoslavia Freidenreich, Harriet P. 1979 302.1 FRE
The Jewish Immigrant in England, 1870-1914 Gartner, Lloyd P. 1960 302.1 GAR
A Century of Ambivalence-The Jews of Russia and the Soviet Union Gitelman, Zvi 1988 302.1 GIT
How We Lived-A Document of Immigrant Jews in America 1880-1930 Howe, Irving & Libo, Kenneth 1938 302.1 HOW
Three Centuries of Jewish Life in America Lowe,Carl 1992 302.1 LOW
American Jewish Yearbook 1918 to 1919 Oppenheim, Samson D. 1918 302.1 OPP
Lithuanian Telephone Book-1938 Rabinowitz, Ann-Contribution 1938 302.1.1 RAB 
Polish Telephone Directory-Wilno, Poland 1930 Rabinowitz, Ann-Contribution 1930 302.1.2 RAB     
Ghetto Shanghai Rubin, Evelyn P. 2000 302.1 RUB
Jews in Old China Shapiro, Sidney-Editor 1984 302.1 SHA
American Jewish Yearbook 2003 Singer, D. & Grossman, L. 2003 302.1 SIN
From Pale to Pampa-A Social History of the Jews of Buenos Aires Sofer, Eugene S. 1982 302.1 SOF
The Fugu Plan Tokayere, M and Swarz, M. 1979 302.1 TOK
One Foot in America Van Mieghem, Eugeen  2010 302.1 VAN          
The Jews of Argentina-From the Inquisition to Peron Weisbrot, Robert 1979 302.1 WEI
Salute to the Romanian Jews in America and Canada, 1850-2010: History, Achievements, ...  Wertsman, Vladimir F. 2010 302.1.WER
States (USA)      
Glimpses of Southern Jewish Roots Berk, Julian 2006 303.1 BER
Golden Opportunities-A Biographical History of Montana's Jewish Communities Coleman, Julie L. 1994 303.1 COL
The Provincials-A Personal History of Jews in the South Evans, Eli N. 1997 303.1 EVA
Pictorial History of Maryland Jews Glushakow, A. D. 1955 303.1 GLU
Jewish Life in Florida: 1763 to 1991 Green, Harry A. MD 1991 303.1 GRE
In Celebration of Freedom-Delaware 1990 Jewish Fed. of Delaware 1990 303.1 JFD
The European Texans Kownslar, Allan O. 2004 303.1 KOW
Jews of Oregon 1850-1950 Lowenstein, Steven 1987 303.1 LOW
Pioneer Jewish Texans Ornish, Natalie 1989 303.1 ORN
Jews of Minnesota-First 75 Years Plaut, W. Gunthur 1959 303.1 PLA             
A Homeland in the West-Utah Jews Remember Stone, Eileen Hallet 2001 303.1 STO
Jews in Early Mississippi Turitz, Leo & Evelyn 1983 303.1 TUR
Delaware and the Jews Young, Toni 1979 303.1 YOU         
Rhode Island Jewish Historical Notes, V. 3, No. 2  Goldowsky, S., M.D. -Editor 1959 303.1.1 RIJ
Rhode Island Jewish Historical Notes, V. 3, No. 4 Goldowsky, S., M.D. -Editor 1962 303.1.2 RIJ
From Ararat to Suburbia, History of Buffalo, NY Adler, Selig & Connolly, T. 1960 304.1 ADL  
The Business of Jews in Louisiana 1840-1875 Ashkenazi, Elliot 1988 304.1 ASH         
The Judeo-Spanish People… Ayoun, Richard 1952 304.1 AYO         
Jewish Communities of Greater Stamford Baulsir, L. & Miller, I 2002 304.1 BAU
L'Chaim-History of the Jewish Community of Greater Miami Bramson, Seth H. 2008 304.1 BRA
Jewish Los Angeles-A Guide Council on Jewish Life 1976 304.1 CJL         
Images of America-Jewish Detroit Cohen, Irwin J. 2002 304.1 COH
Jews of Harrisburg Coleman, Michael 1978 304.1 COL
I Remember When, Sioux City Jewish Community Connor, Susan Marks 1986 304.1 CON
The Jewish Community of Indianapolis 1849-Present Endelman, Judith 1984 304.1 END
The Making of and American Jewish Community-Baltimore; 1773-1920 Fein, Isaac M. 1971 304.1 FEI
Greatest Jewish City in the World Golden, Harry 1972 304.1 GOL
The Underground Army-Fighters of the Bialystok Ghetto Grossman, Chaika 1987 304.1 GRO  
A Priceless Heritage-Nineteenth Century Chicago Jewry Gutstein, Morris A. 1953 304.1 GUT
Third to None: The Saga of Savannah Jewry Jacob, Rabbi Saul 1983 304.1 JAC
The Record (Washington, DC) V. 6, No. 2 Sindler, L. B.-Editor 1971 304.1 JHS
Unity in Community, Four Decades of Federation in Louisville Judah, Clarence 1974 304.1 JUD
Jewish Community of Utica, NY Kohn, S. Joshua 1959 304.1 KOH
The Early Jews of New Orleans Korn, Bertram Wallace 1969 304.1 KOR
Creating Community-The Jews of Atlanta 1845-1994 Leavey,Jane D. 1994 304.1 LEA
The Jews of Wilkes-Barre Levin, Marjorie 1999 304.1 LEV
Frankfurt on the Hudson-Jews of Washington Heights Lowenstein, Steven 1989 304.1 LOW
Annie's Ghosts Luxenberg, Steven 2009 304.1 LUX          
Our City-The Jews of San Francisco Narell, Irene 1981 304.1 NAR
History of the Jews of Greater Youngstown, Ohio 1865-1990 Ozer, Irving E. 1994 304.1 OZE
Jews and Judaism in a Mid-Western Community (Columbus, Ohio) Raphael, Mark Lee 1979 304.1 RAP
The Jews of Charleston Reznikoff, C. & Engelman, U. 1950 304.1 REZ
The Promised City-New York's Jews 1870-1914 Rischin, Moses 1977 304.1 RIS            
The Jewish Community in Rochester 1843-1925 Rosenberg, Stuart E. 1954 304.1 ROS
From Minyan to Community-Jews of Syracuse Rudolph, B. E. 1970 304.1 RUD
The Downtown Jews Sanders, Ronald 1969 304.1 SAN 
The Lower Eastside-A Guide to Its Jewish Past in 99 New Photographs Sanders, R., Gillon, Jr. E.V. 1994 304.1.1 SAN
The Jews of Boston Sarna, J. D. & Smith, E. 2005 304.1 SAR         
Mid-America's Promise-A Profile of Kansas City Jewry Schultz, Joseph P. 1982 304.1 SCH
Hartford Jews 1659-1970 Silverman, Morris Rabbi 1970 304.1 SIL
From Confederacy to Federation (Sarasota, FL) Sinclar, Florence 1992 304.1 SIN
The Jews of Charlotte Speizman, Morris 1978 304.1 SPE   
History of the Jews of Milwaukee Swithkow, L. J. & Gartner, L. 1963 304.1 SWI
Consider the Years-Jewish Community of Easton, PA  Trachtenberg, Joshua 1944 304.1 TRA         
History of the Jews of Los Angeles Vorspan, M. & Gartner, L. 1970 304.1 VOR
The History of the Jews of Philadelphia Wolf, Edwin & Whiteman, M. 1956 304.1 WOL
Old Brooklyn in Early Photographs 1865-1929 Younger, William Lee 1978 304.1 YOU        
Gates of Heaven, Congregation Sha'arai, Mobile, Alabama Zietz, Robert J. 1994 304.1 ZIE
Zion in the Valley, Jewish Community of St. Louis                                Ehrlich, Walter 1997 304.1.1 EHR
Jewish Community of Indianapolis 1845-Present Endelman, Judith 1984 304.1.1 END       
Beginnings on Market Street (Nashville) Frank, Fedora 1976 304.1.1 FRA
Home on Gorham Street, Rochester, NY Goldstein, Howard 1996 304.1.1 GOL
Adath Louisville: Story of a Jewish Community Landau, Herman 1981 304.1.1 LAN
Miami Beach in 1920-The Making of a Winter Resort Lavender, Abraham D. 2002 304.1.1 LAV
Four Jewish Families in Philadelphia Markowitz, Leonard 2000 304.1.1 MAR
Jewish Population Study of Greater St. Paul-1993 Tobin, Gary A. 1993 304.1.1 TOB
Golden Land: 140 Years of Jewish Life in Milwaukee Traxler, Ruth 1994 304.1.1 TRA
Community Study-Summary Report (St. Louis) Jewish Fed. Of St. Louis 1995 304.1.1.1 TOB
Community Study-Demographic Report (St. Louis) Jewish Fed. Of St. Louis 1995 304.1.1.2 TOB
Community Study-The Jewish Identity Report (St. Louis) Jewish Fed. Of St. Louis 1995 304.1.1.3 TOB
Community Study-Philanthropy Report (St. Louis) Jewish Fed. Of St. Louis 1995 304.1.1.4 TOB
Five Families and Eight Young Men (Nashville) Frank, Fedora 1962 304.1.2 FRA
Baltics to Boston-The Yoselovich/Goldberg/Yozell Fasmilies Goldstein, Irene Saunders 1997 304.1.2 GOL        
A Social History of the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation: 1856-1976 Rosenberg, David & Ethel 1979 304.1.2 ROS
Jewish Federation of Las Vegas Community Study Tobin, Gary A.-Director 1996 304.1.2 TOB
Consider the Years-Jewish Community of Easton, PA  Trachtenberg, Joshua 1944 304.1.2 TRA
Mid-America's Promise (Kansas City) Schultz, Joseph P. 1982 304.1.2 SCH      
St. Louis Jewish Community Archives Young, Davis A. 1995 304.1.2 YOU
The Jews of St. Petersburg Beizer, Mikhail 1989 304.2 BEI
Fragments of the Jewish History of Riga Centre of the Latvian Society 1991 304.2 CLS
Shtetl Hoffman,Eva 1997 305.1 HOF
Jews of Kopcheve Leivers, Dorothy 2006 305.1 LEI
WOWW Companion, A Guide to Eastern European Towns Mokotoff, Gary-Compiler 1995 305.1 MOK, C. 1
WOWW Companion, A Guide to Eastern European Towns Mokotoff, Gary-Compiler 1995 305.1 MOK, C. 2
The Shtetl-A Creative Anthology of Jewish Life in Eastern Europe Neugroschel, J. -Translator 1979 305.1 NEU
Lost, But Not Forgotten-Shtetls of Eastern Europe     Suchman, S.-Compiler 2001 305.1 SUC
The Zookeeper's Wife Ackerman, Diane 2007 400.1 ACK
Memories of Ozarow: A Little Town That Was Adler, Hillel 1997 400.1 ADL
Guide to Unpublished Material of the Holocaust Period, V. 4 Bauer, Yehuda-Editor 1977 400.1 BAU
Holocaust Survivor Cookbook Caras, J. & Zerylder, G. 2007 400.1 CAR
Genya Finkelstein, Genya 1994 400.1 FIN
Nazi Germany and the Jews-The Years of Persecution, 1933-1939 Friedlander, Saul 1997 400.1.1 FRI   
Years of Extermination-Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939-1945 Friedlander, Saul 2007 400.1.2 FRI   
The Diary of Peter Ginz Ginz, Peter 1997 400.1 GIN
I Am Drenched in the Dew of My Childhood-A Memoir          Gitelman, Henry L. 1997 400.1 GIT
The Underground Army Grossman, Chaika 1987 400.1 GRO        
The Destruction of European Jews Hilberg, Paul 1985 400.1 HIL
City of Life, City of Death-Memories of Riga Michelson, Max 2001 400.1 MIC
How to Document Victims and Locate Survivors of the Holocaust Mokotoff, Gary-Compiler 1995 400.1 MOK
Kasztner's Train-Unknown Hero of the Holocaust Porter, Anna 2007 400.1 POR
Konin-A Quest Richmond, Theo 1995 400.1 RIC
Hitler's Jewish Soldiers Rigg, Bryan Mark 2002 400.1 RIG
Twenty-Third Psalm-A Holocaust Memoir Salton, George Lucien 2002 400.1 SAL
Jewish Literacy         Telushkin, Rabbi J. -Compiler 2001 400.1 TEL
Surviving the Holocaust-The Kovno Ghetto Diary Tory, A. & Martin, G.-Editors 1990 400.1 TOR
A Vanished World (Oversized Book) Vishniac, Roman 1969 400.1 VIS
I Escaped From Auschwitz Vrba, Rudolf 2002 400.1 VRB
The Story of the House of Plotnik-Monco-Basist Basist, C. 2008 502.1 BAS
Survival-The Impossible Dream Berman, Gerhard 1982 502.1.1 BER
Zamosc Memorial Book Bernstein, Mordichai V.-Editor 1957 502.1.2 BER
From the Ashes of Sobibor Blatt, Thomas, T. 1997 502.1 BLA
Book of Rememberance of Beth Shalom Congregation Beth Shalom 1979 502.1 CBS
Embers Plucked From the Fires:Rescue of Jewish Cultural Treasures in Vilna  Fishman, David E. (YIVO) 1996 502.1 FIS
Luboml-The Memorial Book of a Vanished Shtetl Kagen, Berl-Editor 1997 502.1 KAG
The Lost-A Search for Six of Six Million Mendelsohn, Daniel 2006 502.1 MEN
Mulke (A Reminiscence) Tabas, Samuel 1996 502.1 TAB
Survey of Jewish Monuments in Poland World Monuments Fund 1993 502.1 WMF
The Census Book Dollarhide, William 1999 600.1 DOL
The German Minority Census of 1939 Edlund, Thomas K.-Compiler 1996 600.1 EDL
State Census Records Lainhart, Ann S. 1994 600.1 LAI
Census Federal Population-1790-1890 Nat. Archiv. Trust Fund Board 1979 600.1.1 NAT
Census Federal Population-1900 U.S. Government 1978 600.1.2 NAT
Census Federal Population-1910 Nat. Archiv. Trust Fund Board 1982 600.1.3 NAT
Krakow Census and Homeowners 1798-1808 Silberfeld, Alfred M. No Date 600.1 SIL
The Enemy at His Pleasure-A Journey Through the Jewish Pale Ansky, S.& Neugroschel, J-Ed 2002 700.1 ANS
The Franks-A Family Tree History of the Frank, Novachovich and Levitan Branches Baron, Carl F. 2008 700.1 BAR
The Jews of Galicia in 1893 Bonar, A. & M'Cheyne, R. 1997 700.1 BON        
Ellis Island Interviews-In Their Own Words Coan, Peter Morton 1997 700.1 COA
Heritage-Civilization and the Jews Eban, Abba 1984 700.1 EBA
There Once Was a World-A 900 Year Chronicle of Elsyshok Eliac, Yaffa 1998 700.1 EIL
Memories of My Life in a Polish Village Fluek, Toby K. 1990 700.1 FLU
Jewish Merchants in Colonial America Freund, Miriam K. 1939 700.1 FRE
Our Southern Landsman Golden, Harry 1974 700.1 GOL
Jews of Lithuania, A History 1316 - 1945 Greenbaum, Masha 1995 700.1 GRE
Hebrew Federation (Fact Papers)-General Topics Various Authors No Date 700.1 HHF
Jews in Romania 1866-1919 Iancu, Carol 1996 700.1 IAN
Jews in Poland, V. 2 Kapralski, Slawomir 1999 700.1 KAP
Lithuanian Jewish Culture Katz, David 2004 700.1 KAT
Last Days of the Jerusalem of Lithuania-Vilna Ghetto Kruk, Herman 2002 700.1 KRU
The Inquisition of the Middle Ages-Organizations and Operation Lea, Henry Charles 1922 700.1 LEA           
Jews of Islam Lewis, Bernard 1984 700.1 LEW
Seixas-Khurdsheedts and the Rise of Early Jewry Libo, K. & Hoffman, A. K. 2001 700.1 LIB
Guide to Jewish References in Mexican Colonial Era 1521-1821 Liebman, Seymour B.-Editor 1964 700.1 LIE
Feast and the Fast Lipschitz, C.U. & Rosenstein,N. 1984 700.1 LIP
The Jew in the Medieval World Marcus, Jacob R. 1938 700.1 MAR
Jews-Officers and Enlisted Men in the Polish Army Meirtchak, Benjamin 2004 700.1 MEI
A Living Lens (Photographs of Jewish Life From the Pages of The Forward Newhouse, Alana 2007 700.1 NEW
Wanderings-History of the Jews Potok, Chaim 1978 700.1 POT
Together and Apart in Brzezany Redlich, Shimon 2002 700.1 RED         
Ellis Island-Gateway to the American Dream Reeves, Pamela 1998 700.1 REE
The Promised City, New York Jews 1870-1914 Richin, Moses 1977 700.1 RIC        
Preseving Our Litvak Heritage-A History of 31 Jewish Communities in Lithuania Rosen,Josef 2005 700.1 ROS
Vagabond Stars-A World History of Yiddish Theatre Sandrow, Nahma 1996 700.1 SAN
Jews of the Amazon Segal, Ariel 1999 700.1 SEG
Haven in Africa (Fleeing the Holocaust) Shapiro, Frank 2002 700.1.1 SHA
Once Upon a Shtetl Shapiro, Chaim 1996 700.1.2 SHA   
Jerusalem of Lithuania Shneiderman,N. N. 1998 700.1 SHN
Hotel Bolivia Spitzer, Leo 1998 700.1 SPI
History of Latvian Jews Steimanis, Josephs 2002 700.1 STE
Photos From Zagare, Lithuania (Jane Tankel) Tankel, Jane-Compiler 2008 700.1 TAN
Defiance-The Story of the Largest Armed Rescue of Jews by Jews Tec, Nechama 1993 700.1 TEC
The Mediterranean & the Jews-Banking, Finance and International Trade, !6th to 18th Century Toaff, A. & Schwarzfuchs-Eds 1989 700.1 TOA
Taking Roots-Origins of the Canadian Jewish Community Tulcinsky, Gerald 1992 700.1 TUL
Polish Jews, a Pictorial Record Vishniac, Roman 1947 700.1 VIS
Jewish Combatants in the Wars of Early America Weinberg, Sidney R. MD 2000 700.1 WEI
The Ashkenazic Jews: A Slavo-Turkic People in Search of Identity Wexler, Paul 1993 700.1 WEX
Travel Guides      
Jewish Heritage Travel-A Guide to Eastern Europe Gruber, Ruth Ellen 2007 800.1 GRU
Poland's Jewish Landmarks-A Travel Guide Kagan, Joram 2001 800.1 KAG
Baltic States and Kaliningrad-A Travel Guide Noble, John 1994 800.1 NOB
The Great Jewish Cities of Central and Eastern Europe Valley, Eli  1999 800.1 VAL
Polish Cities-Travels in Crakow and the South-Gdansk, Malbork and Warsaw Ward, Philip 1989 800.1 WAR
Baltic States (Insight Guides) Roger, William-Editor 1994 800.1 WIL
18th Annual Seminar on Jewish Genealogy-Syllabus IAJGS, Sponsor 1998 901.1 IAG
19th Annual Seminar on Jewish Genealogy-Syllabus IAJGS, Sponsor 1999 901.2 IAG
20th International Conference on Jewish Genealogy-Jewish Genealogy Yearbook 2000 IAJGS, Sponsor 2000 901.3 IAG
21st Annual Seminar on Jewish Genealogy-Family Finder IAJGS, Sponsor 2001 901.4.1 IAG
21st Annual Seminar on Jewish Genealogy-Resource Book IAJGS, Sponsor 2001 901.4.2 IAG
21st Annual Seminar on Jewish Genealogy-Syllabus IAJGS, Sponsor 2001 901.4.3 IAG
22nd Annual Seminar on Jewish Genealogy-Syllabus IAJGS, Sponsor 2002 901.5 IAG
23rd Annual Seminar on Jewish Genealogy-Syllabus IAJGS, Sponsor 2003 901.6 IAG
24th Annual Seminar on Jewish Genealogy-Syllabus IAJGS, Sponsor 2004 901.7 IAG
25th IAJGS Conference on Jewish Genealogy-Syllabus and Yearbook IAJGS, Sponsor 2005 901.8 IAG
26th Annual Seminar on Jewish Genealogy-Syllabus IAJGS, Sponsor 2006 901.9 IAG
27th Annual Seminar on Jewish Genealogy-Syllabus IAJGS, Sponsor 2007 901.10 IAG
28th Annual Seminar on Jewish Genealogy-Syllabus IAJGS, Sponsor 2008 901.11 IAG
29th Annual Seminar on Jewish Genealogy-Syllabus IAJGS, Sponsor 2009 901.12 IAG
31st IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy-Conference Syllabus  IAJGS, Sponsor 2011 901.13 IAG
Society Archives      
Application for the 2003 IAJGS Achievement Award Programming Hamburg, Marvin 2001 903.1 JGS    
Archival Album-Luncheon Procedure Frank, Phyllis 2008 903.2 JGS
Archival Album-1992 to 2002 Fineblit, J, Nusinov, S. 2002 903.3 JGS
Archival Album-2003 to 2006 Fineblit, J, Nusinov, S. 2006 903.4 JGS
Archival Album-2006 to 2007 Fineblit, J, Nusinov, S. 2007 903.5 JGS
Archival Album-2008 to 2009 Frank, Phyllis 2009 903.6 JGS
Archival Album-2009 to 2010 Frank, Phyllis 2010 903.7 JGS         
Archival Album-2011 to 2012 Frank, Phyllis 2012 903.8 JGS
Foreign Language Books      
Sources and Testamonies Concerning Jews in Romania Vol.I (Language-Romanian)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Eskenasy, Victor-Editor 1995 904.1.1 HAS
Sources and Testamonies Concerning Jews in Romania Vol.II-Part 1 (Language-Romanian) Eskenasy, Victor-Editor 1995 904.1.2 HAS
Sources and Testamonies Concerning Jews in Romania Vol.II-Part 2 (Language-Romanian) Eskenasy, Victor-Editor 1995 904.1.3 HAS
Sources and Testamonies Concerning Jews in Romania Vol.III-Part 1 (Language-Romanian) Eskenasy, Victor-Editor 1995 904.1.4 HAS
Sources and Testamonies Concerning Jews in Romania Vol.III-Part 2 (Language-Romanian) Eskenasy, Victor-Editor 1995 904.1.5 HAS
Evereli Din Roumanian Razbuoil de Reintregire a Tari 1916-1919 (Language-Romanian)  Hinsu, Dumitru, Editor 1996 904.1.6 HAS
Studai Et Acta Historae Iudaeorum Romaniae Vol. V (Language-Romanian) Sani, S., Dumitru-Editors 2000 904.1.7 HAS
Vilnius Ghetto: List of Prisoners Vol. 1 (Language-Lithuanian, Russian, English)   1996 904.2.1 UDK
Vilnius Ghetto: List of Prisoners Vol. 2 (Language-Lithuanian, Russian, English)   1996 904.2.2 UDK
Archival Sources for Study of Canadian Jewry (Language-French)    1967 904.3 TAP
Jews in the Ukraine (Language-Yiddish)   1961 904.4 KAN, C. 1
Jews in the Ukraine (Language-Yiddish)   1967 904.4 KAN, C. 2
Books on Disk (in PDF Format)      
Avotaynu Guide to Jewish Genealogy Sack, Sallyann and Mokotoff, Gary 2004 001.1 SAC
The Source-A Guide Book to American Genealogy-Third Edition Szucs, L.D. and Luebking, S.H.-Editors 2006 001.1 SZU
Every Family Has a Story-Tales From Avotaynu Mokotoff, Gary-Editor 2008 001.2 .1 MOK
Following the Paper Trail-A Multilingual Translation Guide Shea, J.D. and Hoffman,W.F. 1994 203.1.1 SHE
The Jews of Lithuania-1316 to 1945-A History of a Remarkable Community Greenbaum, Masha 1995 302.1 GRE
History of the Jews in Russia and Poland-from the Early Times to 1915 Dubnow, S.M. 2000 700.1 DUB